dance with me to the beat of love
where a memory hangs over a cloud
and whispers secrets to the night
calling to the moon to look at us
naked bodies on the sand
romancing a lurid waltz
turning all silence into passionate cry
tongues sealing our salt
twirls of flesh tied in one
ancient desires blushing anew
on the warm carpet of tiny crystal roses
bathed by tropical waves
lucid dreams romancing the mind
where only you can conceive
the power of your gravity
taking over all my fire
until finally subdued
into pulsing


silence always sparks a cry
streams over emotions
ellipsis of ardors
seeking freedom
a carnal reverie
flying out of the soul
into the deepness
of the universe
a lurid echo
dreaming to be
eternal poesy!


Garlands of Salt

garlands of marigold float over my body, 
at the bank of the river an old monkey observes
unperturbed by the shadows of humans seeking
a path to purify their own existence

oblivious to the sadhus chanting early prayers,
i submerge into the waters
an existential trance
seeking the path to inner self

a myriad of pyres lay golden touches
to the holy waters full of scattered ashes
from bodies breaking the cycle of death and rebirth
- now free from all chains of mundane existence-
reaching nirvana or hell...!

visions flow from my eyes
get washed away as earthly echoes,
only to become one with the universe

far beyond i seek the horizon
a carnal hallucination
a quest to survive this enlightenment,
while the faith of the river scorches my flesh 

burn it down!
salt the earth!
let this spiral of passion
that renders this woman so unholy
revolve aflame!



it means endearment
this anarchy of my soul
for i hold you dearest
like a cloud about to rain
yet so timeless over the sky
for i allowed your soul
to pull me with strong winds
over the limit of myself,
as full bloom hallucination
yet love always sparks a cry
and the red rose succumbs
resuscitating in ellipsis
of fire and days gone
- a carnal reverie-
resilient yet fragile
unaware of oblivion.


Mango Kiss

rejoice for the mango tree
on the river bank
has given fruits!
a rally of hummingbirds
hurry to sink their beaks
deep into the flesh
of delightful treasures
bustling around
from one to the other
greedy for sugary joys
nonetheless leaving
holes for bees
to get drunken as well
wandering horses lift their neck
to pluck the mangoes right
 from the branches
chewing oblivious to glancing eyes
their massive teeth getting
stained with hues of gold
so much desire seized from one tree!
two lovers seeking a solitary corner,
stand leaning against the trunk
under the shade of countless leaves
ripping away the skin of
sweet pleasures
and their next kiss
is already mango



 tequila for a bit of dizziness
an inescapable love whisper
fighting its way to a dream
the sweet confusion rewriting it all
a salty smile hanging around that corner
the one that we crossed one day
when our eyes were candidly talking about us

the reborn shyness of the words
pronouncing that the door was never closed
and maybe it is just the stupor of a gone yesterday
bringing back its nuances as if bewildered again, 
for such is love

to kiss sweetly anew on a known frenzy
the prelude to a restless night lived together
when the crazy wish ravaging the skin left a scar, 
the same one that today is calling you back.


Déjà Vu

this feeling that has no roots,
that keeps spinning around
with no direction at all

this elapsing spell
that never ends and always
seems to be the first throb

this stranded exhilaration
when I never crossed boundaries
far beyond my eyes

this urge to reach the sea
wash away all the thoughts
feel at peace

could it be that I got
to be born again?



before the mirror
i become one
for an instant do play
i am another me
a narcissistic smile
expresses its enigma
yet, not always a
self-absorptive woman,
i turn around and
leave the mirror


Luz María López

Luz María López



life is an infinite whisper
one must dare to grasp
unescapable destiny
written on the walls of time
flowing always towards the wind
to enlighten thy soul
stepping over the ground
- again and ever -
expected passage
to rebuild a dream
begin yet another journey
by walking over own shadows
seeking the light of another horizon
and finally, surrender
nested in the mystery
within a heartbeat
as if nothing else matters, 
just the feeling
beneath the skin.



like this
throwing emotions onto the air
at bird’s flight an instant of existence
and the dream gets imprinted in the eyes.

like this
diluting the time
in the most delicious sensation
of liberty.

like this
flying towards the inner self!